Koski Log Homes uses the scarf notch in their log homes. The scarf notch makes an exacting fit that actually gets tighter as the building shrinks and settles.
After the final scribe cut, the log is again placed on the structure and any minor adjustments are made. The end of each log is then rounded and numbered.
Easing the log into place. Rounding log ends at a 45° angle for a smooth, finished look (right).






Groove cuts are sliced into door and window openings and 2x4s are embedded into the grooves.

Door and window frames are then attached to the 2x4s.

By building a log home this way the door and windows are fastened to 2x4s, not to the log structure, which makes for the best fit.



The next step is to cut out door and window openings.

the Building

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